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NCS ensures that transit time is predictable and guaranteed, while minimizing the risk of service failures, loss, and damages. In addition to expedited DC receiving, NCS also gives customers peace of mind by providing precise accounting for in-transit inventory.

The NCS PRIORITY ONE SERVICE takes the variability out of the supply chain. NCS consolidates smaller shipments from multiple suppliers into truckloads at a single consolidation point and moves them on pre-appointed schedules direct to the retailer DCs where standing appointments expedite product receipt!



Your retail customers are demanding smaller, more frequent shipments, which increases your cost-to-serve them. While this makes their inventory more predictable and minimizes both their carrying costs and out-of-stocks, it costs you money through increased fulfillment costs and not shipping in economic quantities.

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NCS strives to provide consistent delivery of LTL shipments through a network of consolidation centers directly into customers’ DCs in order to reduce cycle time, increase sales and service levels, and reducing the cost-to-serve. To achieve this, NCS realizes that consistency must be the highest priority.

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You can read a lot about collaboration in the supply chain, but this is often easier said than done. The reason it is difficult is because you have to get all the little details right. For example, two pallets of product need to physically move 750 miles from the supplier’s location to a warehouse.

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National Consolidation Services was founded in 1998 with the initial charter of reducing cycle time and inventory within the largest retailer drugstore chain. Since approximately 95% of replenishment shipments they received were considered LTL, the Priority One Service was created to deliver LTL shipments consistently from many suppliers' shipping locations, through a consolidation center, and into the retailer's distribution network. To get a hold of relevant NCS personnel, please use the references below.


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